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NTR/NAD Therapy

Misuse of drugs, alcohol, or prescription medicines have become a blemish to the society and are slowly devouring millions across the world. Be it teens, young adults, middle-aged people or the elderly population, addiction is hovering like an eclipse over our society. More serious interventions are required from all quarters, if we are to shove this malady out of the periphery.

The human body is wired in such a way that living in harmony and maintaining equilibrium is what it understands. Any disruption in the natural process can trigger unrest and create massive unsettling ripples within. Addiction is one such activity, which can tremendously jeopardize the body’s mechanisms.

Addictive substances are particularly enticing and luring because they bring instant gratification. They provide intoxication, and a feeling of euphoria, something people always love. But, these feelings are all momentary and a bid to maintain such a sensation can go all wrong. Getting high from these addictive substances can cost people very dearly in the long run. Dabbling with drugs and other addictive substances is a dangerous liaison, one should always avoid in life. Dependency grows over a period and those misusing drugs and alcohol become chronic addicts.

The human body is made in such a way that it should experience a healthy reward system that is controlled by chemicals manufactured within the body. Contrary to this, addicts derive pleasure and a heightened reward mechanism from foreign chemicals which are induced by addictive drugs or alcohol. This habit eventually sets a very bad precedence, by rewiring the brain in such a manner that it gives birth to a constant craving for instantaneous and intense satisfaction. Germinating from this self-destructive and debilitating habit, an addict’s life begins to whirl around a false sense of ecstasy. The predicament worsens when most addicts assume that a flirtation with addictive substances is not actually a problem until it justifies the criteria of an addiction, which is far from the truth. The fact is, any drugs, be it depressants, narcotics, stimulants or a myriad of other drugs, can actually alter thoughts, emotions and behaviors in them. Even a slightest misdemeanor can spiral into a vicious cycle turning one’s life topsy-turvy.

Withdrawal Symptoms

 Drugs and alcohol, as mentioned earlier, alter the functionality of the brain with  overwhelming changes in the neurotransmitter constituents, neural pathways and cellular receptors. This causes a paradigm shift in a person’s behavior and he or she begins to have a different perception towards life. In short, the brain is bluffed to think differently.  When the drug or alcohol is removed from the body during detox, the brain requires some time to regain its natural structure and relearn how to function independently. This drug-free period is known as withdrawal and it entails enormous pain for the addict, subject to gravity of the addiction.

NTR/NAD Therapy

 An addict, who goes to any rehab for a detox, is administered medications to ease withdrawal symptoms and to initiate the treatment procedure. But, the irony is, even these medications contain addictive substances. This in turn can prolong detoxification, severely impeding any subsequent treatment procedure. In most cases, it has been observed that there is also a tradeoff, and the addict develops a craving for the new substance given in the form of medicines to ease withdrawal and ward off the addiction. In such a scenario, the very purpose of detox and de-addiction treatment is defeated.

NTR viz. Neurotransmitters Restoration Therapy and NAD viz. Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Therapy, which is also commonly touted as Natural Assisted Detox, comes as a welcome change in the field of addiction recovery and a boon to detox processes.

Advantages of NTR/NAD Therapy

Owing to a host of advantages over other conventional detox processes, the NTR/NAD therapy has many addicts making a beeline to avail this treatment. Under less than a couple of weeks, the NTR/NAD therapy alleviates chronic fatigue from the body of an addict. It further reduces anxiety and improves depression in them.

With this therapy, the path to recovery is smooth and painless. The patient is not administered any addictive medicines and nutrients, putting a rest to all apprehensions about a tradeoff between the abused substance and another drug.

The cravings for the drug also diminish and one is completely free from its shackles. In NTR/NAD, there is an oral administering of amino acids supplements and an IV (intravenous) infusion therapy. The amino acids help in restoring the neurotransmitter imbalance in the brain while the IV infused nutrients help in the brain repair. As a result, the combination of both these therapies eases the withdrawal pain in the patient.

The Detox Facilities Texas is committed to helping those people who are struggling with substance abuse by providing the best rapid detox program. NTR/NAD therapy can also be a vital part of a person’s recovery process. If you are seeking for the right therapies to cure your addiction habits, please speak to a member of our team at (866) 671-4308.