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Steve O rejoice completing 10 years of sobriety

Steve O rejoice completing 10 years of sobriety

23 March | 0 Comments | By admin

Many celebrities, despite name and fame have fallen into the vicious cycle of substance abuse. Since people in the entertainment and art world are more predisposed to anxiety and depression due to excessive attention and adulation by the media and public, they turn to alcohol or drugs as a means to calm their agitated nerves and tumult in their minds.

The personal tragedies become “easy fodder” for the tabloids and a source of gossips and criticism for the entire world. The craze paparazzi intrudes to know their every detail, whether it is a visit to the local market or the salon. Therefore, it becomes incredibly difficult for them to reach out for help for their addiction. In the midst of the recovery phase, it becomes immensely difficult for the celebrities to continue their treatment. However, despite all obstacles and nerve-wracking media attention, several celebrities have triumphed in their battle against addiction.

Celebrities still maintaining sobriety

Among the stars who have managed to live “in recovery” for many years by adapting to a “sober lifestyle” with dedication and effort, there are some journeys that are indeed commendable. To mention a few, Martin Sheen has been in recovery since 1981 after he suffered a mild heart attack due to alcoholism. Similarly, Jamie Lee Curtis had become addicted to painkillers following a routine operation at the age of 35. She had also taken to the bottle to ease her loneliness. However, it has been more than a decade now since she kicked the habit for good.

Robert Downey Jr. grew up in a celebrity family where his own father allowed him to smoke cannabis at the tender age of six. His life quickly spiraled out of control after his addiction to heroin. Despite his hugely popular screen presence in Iron Man, he got into trouble with the law several times. Finally, he was able to quit drugs in 2001 through abstinence and holistic therapies, such as yoga and Wing Chun kung Fu, and active support from his spouse. There are several such success stories of many other celebrities who are truly maintaining the sober lifestyle, such as Nicole Richie, Drew Barrymore, Elton John, Steven Tyler and Anthony Hopkins, among others.

Steve O’s journey in recovery

More recently, Steve O or Steve Glover who starred in the TV series, ‘Jackass,’ reached the 10-year milestone in sobriety. He has been quite open about the highs and lows of his drug addiction. Amidst shooting the scenes for the TV show and its movies, he would be using cocaine, ketamine, phencyclidine (PCP), nitrous oxide and other narcotics that would alter his sense of reality by playing tricks with his brain.

Talking about the risks of drugs on the YouTube channel H3H3, he narrated how he once turned up at a drug dealer’s house where he observed some cocaine residue on the counter. He stole some amount of cocaine. However, he failed to notice that it even included some droplets of blood that were on the counter.  He found out only after getting sober that the dealer was HIV positive. Although his health checkups ruled out infection, it made him conscious about the life-threatening repercussions of drug abuse.

After an attempted suicide in 2008, his on- and off-screen pal Johnny Knoxville helped in getting him admitted into a psychiatric ward and that moment was a turning point in his life.  Commenting on his Facebook page on the 10th anniversary of the above watershed moment, he says that he is ever grateful to Knoxville for taking such a life-changing step.

Rehab is like a gym membership

In the words of stuntman Bam Margera, who recently checked into a rehab facility in California for alcoholism, “Just because you’ve got a gym membership doesn’t mean you’re going to get really fit. It just depends on what you do when you get there.” The above statement highlights that one can recover from the addiction to any alcohol or drugs through strong willpower and determination. Since the fear of a relapse persists even after the completion of the treatment, it is necessary to remain focused upon the goal throughout the treatment.

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