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Common steps to avoid becoming a victim of prescription mistakes

Common steps to avoid becoming a victim of prescription mistakes

29 March | 0 Comments | By admin

Prescription drug abuse has emerged as a global health threat. Practices like sharing of prescription among friends and family members, increasing or altering the dosages without any medical consultation, and consuming drugs for non-medical purposes have led to a rampant surge in deaths due to overdose. Besides, many people unwittingly become victims of drug abuse due to mistakes in the writing or dispensing of prescriptions.

According to experts, One percent to five percent of prescriptions filled in pharmacies across the U.S. involve some errors. It can be very dangerous if a patient gets a wrong medication or a wrong dose. Experts feel that such mistakes often occur due to an uneven ratio between doctors and patients. As a result, most of the doctors are overburdened and under pressure. Also, errors can occur due to similarity in the generic name, which can further confuse pharmacists during rush hours.

Therefore, authorities need to take some serious action such as stricter vigilance and appointing more doctors to deal with the problem. However, patients should themselves be careful and take steps to alleviate the danger of a wrong prescription. Below are a few precautions that patients can take to deal with the problem:

Understanding prescription: Do not shy away from asking the physician about the prescribed medicines. Such queries can help a person understand the purpose of the medicines and also give him/her a clear idea of dosage. By educating his/her patient about the prescription, the doctor will also get a chance to revise the drugs.

Educating oneself about drugs: There is no harm in being inquisitive about one’s diagnosis. Hence, one should always make it a point to research more about their illness. An individual can also ask his/her physician directly to explain the causes, effects, and treatment for health issues. Also, one can discuss the line of treatment and effectiveness of the medicines from their doctor.

Check before leaving the pharmacy: Do not be casual when buying medicines. Not only should one check for all the medicines are in place, but they should also tally every drug with the pharmacist. One may also ask the pharmacist to explain the purpose of the medicines.

Getting rid of old stock: Avoid filling racks with medicines. One should always be strict in purchasing only the prescribed drugs and keep throwing away any unwanted or leftover pills. Hoarding pills can be dangerous as they have the risk of getting expired. Also, their presence can lure someone to consume them without any medical consultation.

Always seek medical consultation: It may happen that a pharmacist runs out of stock and offer his/her customer an equivalent replacement for the prescribed drug. Do not make haste in the purchase. Instead, a person should consult his/her doctor and check for accuracy of the replacement. Also, the person can ask for a replacement from the doctor itself.

Walking the path to recovery

Though prescription drug abuse is common in the U.S., the surging rate of prescription errors has become another major concern. Generally, people believe that misuse of prescription drugs causes less harm than abuse of any illicit substance. However, the truth is that prescribed drugs have the potential to cause serious harms and health issues. Therefore, it is always important to strictly adhere to the prescription and its dosage.

Drug addiction is a treatable disease. The first step to treat the illness is to undergo medical detoxification. If you or your loved is suffering from prescription drug abuse, you can seek help from the Detox Facilities Texas to get in touch with one of the best detox centers in Texas. You can call at our 24/7 helpline number (866) 671-4308 or chat online with our expert to know more about world-class detox facilities in Texas.