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Alcohol delivery becomes possible after governor Abbott signs SB 1232

Alcohol delivery becomes possible after governor Abbott signs SB 1232

03 July | 0 Comments | By admin

Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently signed the Senate Bill 1232 allowing restaurants and businesses with wine and beer permits to deliver alcohol along with food orders in Texas. The services are expected to start on September 1, 2019.

Speaking to his followers on Twitter via a video message, Abbott first asked if they ever wished that they could order beer and/or wine with their food? He then informed them that he was signing a bill that would allow them to do that and went on to sign a paper in this video. However, he also requested everyone to act and enjoy their alcohol responsibly.

Is it “cheers” time for restaurants?

Taylor Benac, bartender and server at one of the popular bars in the area, was pleasantly surprised after he saw the video. He said that he never thought that city officials would allow alcohol to be home delivered. He further added that with proper monitoring of the delivery process, this could turn out to be a great revenue-generating idea in the future. Benac added that nearly 30 percent of his restaurant’s business comes from alcohol sales, hence adding liquor to the existing food menu for delivery would be highly beneficial for not only his business but other businesses as well.

Another hotel and bar owner, Michelle Gonzales, was also equally excited about the new law stating that along with the ease of food being delivered at someone’s doorstep, to be able to add a cocktail to the delivery would be a bonus. She also said that this new law was going to be a game changer.

Guidelines for alcohol delivery

Understanding the repercussions of delivering alcohol, the bill also laid down certain rules and regulations that need to be followed. The law has made it mandatory for both the consumers and the delivery agents to be above the age of 21, show valid IDs, and sign receipts while accepting deliveries.  Further, the alcohol must be delivered in the original sealed medium, be it a bottle or a can.

Only bars, restaurants, and businesses with a mixed beverage permit would be allowed to deliver alcohol on orders to private residences and other locations. People like Benac, who supported the bill, felt that as long as the delivery agents made sure that people who received the orders followed the guidelines, there should not be any problems.

Criticism of new law

Though the majority of the public seemed to be happy after Gov. Abbott signed the bill, there were some who were skeptical.

Roy James, a local citizen, said that easing the accessibility of alcohol is not good for the future as the state legislatures of the country need to understand and study the consequences of such propositions before signing them into laws.

Seeking treatment for alcohol addiction

Though the average alcohol consumer and restaurant owners greeted the signing of the bill with great enthusiasm, one needs to remember that alcohol is an addictive substance. Easier availability of alcohol could only prompt chronic use resulting in addiction. Alcohol addiction can hamper one’s relationships with friends and family. It can also affect professional life leading to absenteeism, poor decisions, unprofessional attitude, and decreased performance. Prolonged alcohol use can cause liver damage, multiple types of cancers, organ failure, and even death.

Fortunately, alcohol addiction can be treated with comprehensive treatment programs. The first step in such a program is detox. In the case of mild-to-moderate symptoms, a detox program administered under clinically controlled conditions can help an individual start on the path to sobriety.

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