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Things to be told to children about substance abuse

Things to be told to children about substance abuse

31 March | 0 Comments | By Rachael

The period from childhood to adulthood can be termed as one of the crucial phases. During this period, several changes take place in the physical and mental state of a person. While entering into this stage, teenagers often have to cross the challenges of experimentation with alcohol, drugs or sex. Additionally, falling into a bad company and indulging in inferior habits and activities are quite common.

Teenagers have to grapple with peer pressure, responsibilities and several other challenges of their life. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for them to distinguish between the right and the wrong. As a result, they often get involved in alcohol, drugs and other substances as a means to match up with their friends or gain popularity in their friend circle. Therefore, it is essential to guide them about these problems and repercussions to make them grow into a responsible adult.

Opening up with children discourages substance abuse tendencies

Opening up to one’s child can be a powerful tool for the parents to connect with him or her. Parents, caregivers and others need to help their child in developing a friendly relationship with his or her surroundings. Instead of imposing rules on them, parents need to be like a friend to their children and listen to their problems. Regular interactions may help parents in understanding the changes in their children’s behavior, which may represent a mental health issue or problem related to addictive substances.

Another serious setback is that teenagers generally do not speak up about their problems to their parents, and most parents find it difficult to start a conversation with their adolescent children. In the absence of adequate guidance, children try looking for answers from some other sources, which may pose a great threat.

In order to curb the menace of substance abuse, children and teenagers should be acquainted with the symptoms and repercussions of addiction. Parents by enlightening their children about addiction by sharing their own life experiments can effectively communicate about the perils of substance abuse. Parents can familiarize them how substance abuse pushed them from an experiment toward addiction, and how it affects both body and mind.

Apart from talking to the children, parents need to educate them that how a simple experiment with drugs can eventually drag them to addiction. Drugs do not discriminate anyone and can affect anyone, irrespective of gender, age or status.

Parents are often an idol for their kids. Therefore, their opinions and interpretations can strongly influence their children’s thoughts and views. It may be difficult talking to one’s grown up teenagers about drugs or sex, but parents need to make an attempt to start a conversation for their children’s benefit and safety.

Adding to the conversation, one can also inform their children about the dangers of prescription drugs and the risk of abusing them. Additionally, they need to be made aware of the risk of street drugs, other hard drugs, alcohol and counterfeit prescription medicines.

As teenagers are mostly hooked to their smartphones and social media these days, they must be informed about how criminals sell illegitimate drugs through Internet, which can put a person’s health at risk by causing several side effects and even death.

Break the ice to defeat substance abuse

Open and honest conversations can be one of the best mediums in connecting with children. Such interactions can a long way in stopping kids from experimenting substances. Rather than going mad over their drug abuse, it is essential to talk to them about their problems.

Many teenagers prefer drugs as a means to escape from their sufferings or pain. Talking to them about their fears and other challenges can be a great way of preventing and protecting children from the dangers of addiction.

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