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Detoxing the natural way

Detoxing the natural way

19 September | 0 Comments | By Rachael

The magnitude of physical and psychological damage due to drug addiction is enormous. Apart from setting off irreversible changes in the brain, prolonged use increases the toxicity of the body, and makes it vulnerable to diseases and infections. Long time abuse also purges many essential vitamins and minerals from the body. As a result, most long-time users of drugs wear a haggard look and appear severely malnourished as well. Some of the other evident signs of physical deterioration resulting from drug abuse are as: 

  • Bleeding and swollen gums
  • Rotten teeth
  • Bone loss
  • Dry skin and mouth
  • Bloated abdomen and poor liver function
  • Heart problems and
  • Stomach/digestive problems

Drug dependence affects eating patterns resulting in a loss of appetite and unhealthy indulgence.  Women addicted to drugs could also face menstrual problems and difficulty in conceiving. Quitting becomes increasingly difficult as it entails painful withdrawals coupled with high relapse rates.


There are no short cuts to rid the body of toxins induced by drug-. Detoxification is the first step towards recovery, and to prepare the body for further treatment. There are many detoxification programs including natural detox. The essence of a natural detox is that all chemicals are toxic and therefore do not belong to the body. Instead of pumping additional chemicals into the body via medicated drugs, it adopts more natural means to help a person regain healthy body and peace of mind. Natural detox has several advantages, some of which are highlighted below:

Replenishing what the body lost to drugs: The natural detoxification process ensures that what the body has lost during the addiction cycle is recovered. It incorporates means for ensuring that the person has a steady supply of the depleted minerals and essential vitamins through diet and supplements. It follows a holistic approach, and depends to a large extent on the kind of addiction that a person underwent. For example, in the case of an opiate addiction, essential vitamins like Vitamin C and E, and 5-HTP are beneficial. Vitamin C is an effective detoxifier minimizing drug cravings. 5-HTP or 5-hydroxytryptophan is derived from the seed pods of Griffonia simplicifolia, an African medicinal plan, and is helpful in treating sleep disorders. It also helps the brain produce serotonin and melatonin. In order to reduce fatigue, B vitamins could be provided either in natural state or as supplements. A person with a prolonged meth addiction on the other hand could be put on a diet of Vitamin B12 supplements, and pantothenic acid (B5) to minimize anxiety and Vitamin C.

Leading a healthier lifestyle: During the process of holistic healing through natural detox, stress is also laid on the adoption of a healthier lifestyle. A person is encouraged to follow a daily regime of exercise, practice meditation and eat healthy. The focus is on inculcating good habits and live a stress-free life.

Reducing the risk of additional addiction: It is common for patients to get addicted to the medication used to treat the original addiction but the natural detox process reduces the possibilities.

Detox under medical supervision is essential

Though the advantages of a natural detox are many, while treating a person for drug dependency, a one-size-fits-all approach is not advisable. In some cases, a mix of nutrition-assisted detox and medication-assisted detox are necessary. For those with severe drug addiction, withdrawal pangs can be severe, hence, medication is required. No matter what kind of detoxification method is suited to one’s needs, it is essential that it is done under medical supervision in a safe and secure environment.

If you or your loved one is addicted to a substance and looking for the right guidance, contact the Detox Facilities Texas to get details about evidence-based rapid detox centers in Texas. You may also call our 24/7 helpline (866) 671-4308 or chat online with a representative to know more about various detox programs near you.